Thomas Jefferson Speech on Military and Federal Debt


ThomasJefferson&nbspSpeech on Military and Federal Debt

ThomasJefferson&nbspSpeech on military and federal debt

Thursday,April 1st, 1802

Governmentofficials and fellow citizens,

Theday I took the office of the President of the United States, Ipromised nothing short of good governance in every aspect of thefederal policy formulation and implementation. Not so keen onunderscoring the gains and advances made by my predecessors, I intendto change through legislation some of the federal plans, to alignthem with the spirit of our great constitution. Have noted with greatconcern fellow citizens the depth into which our government has beenplunged into foreign debts to the tune of over $85 million. Thesefederal debts occur as a results of extensive funding of ourmilitary activities, an act I personally consider relevant though nota priority, much to the detriment of our other national goals.

Theburden of settling these foreign debts my fellow citizens, are laterbeing transferred to us through elevated taxation, hurting ourcapability to develop our estates and taking care of our familiesthrough our hard earned income. In line with my administration’spolicy on managing relation between our great union and othernations, i intend to reduce our federal debt by reducing our federalexpenditure. This will also help ease the burden of transferring ourdebt burden across the generations to come.

Toachieve the latter, my administration shall embark on buying andinvesting in stock bonds, which shall help in settling the federaldebts without raising the taxes and hurting the very people theconstitution implores us to protect you. This shall also assist inpurchasing more land to help expand our national boundaries to settleour citizens and help us advance our economy through exploiting ourfertile land in this agrarian revolution era.

Ladiesand gentlemen, I am aware of the military supremacy policy, adoptedby my predecessors. This being in line with strengthening ourpolitical and military authority within the region, it is paramountto remember that it is all happening much to the expense of our greatcountrymen. But should we invest every fibre of our energy inpreparing for a war unless we want to start one? I intend to pursuea different path of strengthening our foreign policies to ensure thatour country and our citizen are free to trade with other nation andexploit our full potential as a great union. Thus, to achieve this,my administration shall reduce the number of our military presenceand activities overseas to the very minimum to prove our desire to aworkable peaceful coexistence with our neighbours.

Similarly,this diplomatic approach shall be used to advance our dream ofexpanding our borders without involving our military which can bevery expensive. This does not mean we should not empower and advanceour military activities get me right the point is to use militaryforce only when other channels have been exhausted or when thesovereignty of our great nation has been threatened. This is in linewith implementing my administration’s policy of construction, peaceand economic restoration. If we move along this path we shall realiseour dreams of becoming the greatest nation not only within our regionbut globally in line with the spirit of our great constitution. Thankyou so much and may God bless the United States of America.


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