Unit Part A.


Part A. Healthequity quiz

My score on the quizas per the screen capture below was 9 out of 10.

Figure1. Screen capture of health equity quiz

The quiz taught me two important things. One is that the governmentis actively promoting health inequality in the US. The fact that someneighborhoods have more recreational park space than others, whichfollows ethnic patterns, predisposes some ethnic groups to unhealthylifestyle through lack of space and motivation to engage in physicalexercise which is critical in promoting health and life expectancy.To achieve health equity, all neighborhoods should have equal accessto such facilities. The second thing that I learned pertains towealth distribution in the US and its relationship to lifeexpectancy. The fact that 1% of American families control more wealththan the bottom 90% shows that the country is very far from achievingits health and life expectancy goals unless this wealth disparity isaddressed. Additionally, because the bottom 90% of people arerelatively poor, they have a lower chance measured in number yearsof active life and a small window of opportunity to amass wealthmeans that the problem is cyclical.