Use of the description strategy of the image of a Coca-Cola advert;

Useof the description strategy of the image of a Coca-Cola advertCoca-Cola is the largest beverage producing company in the world. Oneof its popular drinks is the coke drink (Senker, 211).

Theimage involves an open Coca-Cola bottle in a pale blue background.The bottle filled with the Coca-Cola drink- Coke. The bottle has beenleft open, and there is water pouring from above and filling thebottle. The water appears sparkling clean, and it pours into theCoca-Cola bottle. On the same note, the image further contains thewater that is overflowing from the bottle and pouring into thesurroundings of the bottle. As the water flows alongside, it turnsinto ice on its way down the bottle (Senker, 230).

Theimage of the bottle and water is a rhetoric strategy used effectivelyto persuade the audience. First, the clean water is effectivelypositioned into luring the audience to feel thirsty. The pale bluebackground appears to represent large masses of water such as a lakeand the ocean that is blue in color. The image has perfectly managedto capture the thoughts of the audience into thinking about water. The thought about water then leads to the development of the feelingof thirst. The development of the thirsty feeling is the first andthe foremost objective of producing the Coca-Cola drink. The imagesuggests that to quench thirst the audience should go for a drink ofCoke from Coca-Cola (Senker, 228).

Second,the water seems to be pouring into the Coca-Cola bottle. Theillustration hinders the audience from recognizing that the actualdrink in the bottle is neither water nor a product of water but aCoca-Cola drink. The area surrounding the water has been colouredwhite. The water image seems to be reflecting some white light thatpartly illuminates the background of the image. The white reflectioneffectively lures the audience into believing about the purity of theCoca-Cola- Coke drink. The water makes an appeal for the audience tooverlook the other side of the coke drink. It makes the drink appearhealthy too (Senker, 288).

Thecoke drink is a carbonated soft drink derived from the drinks thatare extracted from the Kola nut mixed with cocaine from coca leaves.The drink is later flavored with vanilla and other ingredients. Thefunny thing is that the drink does not contain water as illustratedin the image. It is also ironical to note that in addition to theminute ingredients such as the nutmeg, the coke drink contains acidssuch as the phosphoric and the citric acid or other isolated acidsthat are added to increase the acidity of the drink. It is alsoironical that the cokes recipe has maintained as a corporate tradesecret (Senker, 150).

Thestrategy is made even more effective by the use of water thattrickles down the bottle and forms into ice on its way down. Theimage of water overflowing the bottle further indicates plentiful. Ittells the audience that they should enjoy more as more is in supply.The image of ice creates a more than thirsty feeling among theaudience. In addition, it relays the message that a coke is wellenjoyed when ice cold. Further, the ice makes the mind of theaudience relate to its equal opposite that is the sun and hotclimate. It is during such days that people are more likely to feelthirsty. The image hence relays the message that a coke would be thebest alternative to quench thirst (Senker, 88).


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