Wart’s Education to Become King


Wart’sEducation to Become King


Wart’sEducation to Become King

Advertisementof the position of a tutor

Wart’seducation journey to become king starts with Sir Ector making adecision that his two sons need to start getting educated. Therefore,he sends out an advertisement seeking to hire the most suitable tutorfor the job. At first, Sir Ector’s initial efforts to hire a tutorended with him hiring a governess who kept pushing the boys, whileimparting almost no knowledge in them. They later learned that he hadbeen in a lunatic hospital.

Oneevening as Wart, and his older brother, Kay were walking in the woodsaround their father’s castle, Kay lost his hawk and went back home.On the other hand, Wart remained behind to try and get the hawk downfrom his high perch. Wart ends up sleeping in the forest and early inthe morning, he discovers the home of Merlyn in a clearing in theforest. He goes in and Merlyn welcome him to have tea together. Theythen leave together to Sir Ector, where Merlyn convinces Sir Ector tobe Wart’s new tutor. After a series of questions and tests, Merlynwins and becomes Wart’s new tutor.

FirstLesson: Dangers of Monarchy

Thefirst lesson is revealed in chapter five when Merlyn turns Wart intoa fish. In this chapter, while Merlyn and Wart are standing on thecastle’s moat, Wart wishes aloud to be a fish. Merlyn turns himinto a large, wise-looking tench. Merlyn accompanies Wart in his fishfarm and they visit a family of fish whose matriarch is ill. Merlynthen makes Wart visit the king of moat, a large pike. During thevisit, Wart asks the king many questions, which he answers lazily.The whole time, the king of moat emphasizes to Wart that power andmight are the only things that a person should live by. They are allhe lives for. The king also tries to eat Wart, but he manages toescape by swimming away fast. Merlyn then changes him back into thehuman form.

Thelesson in this scenario was for Wart to understand that all hissubjects however meek need his attention and help. He is also warnedof the dangers of absolute monarchy. Therefore, he must avoid thatleadership style.

LessonTwo: Leaving childish fantasies for adulthood realities

Inhis second lesson, the Wart is watching Kay joust and he wishes hecould be a knight. It makes him sorrowful to know that he will neverbe a knight because he is not a legitimate son. He can only be asquire to Kay. Merlyn understands that Wart’s gloomy predictionsare false, but does not tell him that he will be the king in thefuture. Merlyn then transports him to the Forest Sauvage where SirGrummore Grummursum is challenging Pellinore to a joust. The Wartholds great ideas about jousting and gives a lot of respect andesteem to knights. By transporting him to a scene of a joust, Merlynwants Wart to drop his childish fantasies and adopt realities ofmanhood. The perspective Wart initially held is lost when he sees howsilly jousting is in its basic form.

LessonThree: Valor

Lessonthree occurs with Merlyn transforming Wart into a merlin. Like allkings, he is required to prove his courage before a parade of hissubjects and soldiers. After proving his courage by passing adifficult test, he can then receive honor from his subjects and serveas the king. The world of hawks is described as messy and violent andall subjects are required to prove themselves. Wart is called toprove his ancestry and then challenged to maintain his position nextto the king until the bell is rung three times. He manages to missall attacks from Cully and at the ring of the third bell, all otherhawks hail his name as the king of hawks. The honor earned here isdepicted as true as opposed to the one gained from the low-qualitytilting games. Although Wart does not command a lot of respect andhonor in Sir Ector’s household, he has received true honor in theMews. He starts to see himself as someone of importance in life.

LessonFour: Gluttony

Inthis lesson, Merlyn charges Wart and Kay to go into the forest andassures them that they will surely find adventure. Sure enough, theymeet with Robin Wood, who is hunting Oldest Ones of All to rescue hisfriend Friar Tuck and the Dog Boy. Merlyn intended to make Wartobserve heroic actions of others so as to have sufficient memory ofrole models that will guide him during his rule as king. There isliteral gorging of food by the vixen and Kay’s killing of thegriffin so as to pride in it. All these are elements of gluttony thatWart is intended to find distasteful as a future leader. Here, Wartis taught to operate in moderation, not extremity.

Onthe other hand, Robin Wood epitomizes leadership and discipline. Hemakes his soldiers recite their plans twice to ensure that they donot make mistakes. He also leads his men with charisma, somethingthat Wart is supposed to learn.

Significantdifferences are also brought out between Kay and Wart. Whereas Kay isself-centered, Wart is selfless and is more concerned about the goodof others. He uses the victory to do good to others, like when heasked to bring Wat back to Merlyn to have his wits restored by magic.Wart is becoming a leader by his actions. Kay found pride indescribing how he had fought in the war against griffins.

MaidMarian also teaches Wart how to walk skillfully in a virgin forestwithout making noise to attract attention.

LessonFive: Collectivism

Inlesson five, Wart is transformed into an ant and has to be part of acolony. Here, the main lesson he learns is of the importance ofbelonging to a community as an approach to achieving results. Antswork together as a single unit and they are all equal in statusexcept for the leader. Wart learns that his subjects need to beunited through various ways such as language and community. Justicemust also be upheld by ensuring that the law applies to everybodyequally. That would promote a sense of equality, which would thenpromote unity and prosperity of the kingdom.

LessonSix: Serenity

Thislesson teaches Wart of the things that man wants to be but cannotbecause he is violent and loves chaos. Merlyn transforms him into agoose. It teaches him of the need to maintain serenity even wheneverything around is chaotic and out of order. A wise leader shouldlead his people into peace serenity. The king of the geese iscontrasted from that of the ants who exists to lead his people intowar. A king must be wise enough to avoid conflicts by finding ways toevade them.

LessonSeven: Education

Inthe final lesson, Wart is transformed into a badger. Wart steps intoa real classroom and is shown all scholarly accomplishments thatprevious students had achieved. Here, even though knightly glory isintense, it is not enduring like the glory gained from education.Wart is taught to prioritize education in his rule as the one weaponthat gives man true power.


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