Weighingthe evidence

Weighingthe evidence is almost the final step in research that guides theresearch finding to aid in making the right decision and to ensurethe proper answering of the research question. Not all evidencesgenerated are equal as some are weightier. Some of the criticalquestions developed when weighing the evidence are the aspect thatmakes other evidence more reliable. The other question is how toappraise the finding of the research to find out that those evidencesare worthy implementation. The evidence of the original researchhelps in making decisions from the basis of the best evidenceavailable and not on the basis of other people’s opinions. The parttwo of the literature, reviews the aspect of effective communicationin the field of medicine for the physicians to offer suitable serviceespecially for minors. From the research, various evidences have beenraised on the best way physicians should diagnose patients by variousresearchers. Such suggestions, helps the researchers to get thefundamental information of a particular project like the one inquestion of the effective communication to aid physicians diagnosepatients effectively .

Theresearch problem in the case is the impact of effective communicationin suitable medical diagnosis. It is clear that there is a problem indiagnosing minors due to poor communication as compared to adults.The evidence from the research paper proposes that medical doctorsshould go for CRTP programs that specialize with minors in additionto normal studies to facilitate better admission. Other researchevidence indicates that physicians are able to diagnose minors withthe help from the guardians of the minors. Based on the research dataavailable the research would have concluded that special and furthertraining on how to handle children would facilitate effectivecommunication in admitting minors . The researchers formulated theirfindings correctly but the research question need some attention toaid the process of weighing the evidence in order to arrive at theright conclusion. The weakness in the study is the challenge offormulating the best research question with clear purpose of thestudy to facility the best way of weighing all possible evidence inmaking decision. In future, the researcher may consider formulate thebest research question that will facilitate the process of weighingthe evidence.


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