Why gun control is important

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Whygun control is important

Guncontrol has been a controversial issue for many years and yet noviable solution on how the United States should regulate theownership and the use of guns by civilians has been found. The factthat the framers of the constitution of the U.S. during the eve ofindependence granted some militias the right to possess guns haveintensified the debate. This is because many Americans believe thatit is their constitutional right to own guns. However, trends havealready shown that guns owned by civilians are being misused toconduct crimes, such as homicide and suicide. This creates the needfor the people of the U.S. to weigh between the benefits of allowingcitizens to own guns and demerits that result from uncontrolledpossession of guns. This paper presents an argument that the U.S.should formulate stringent gun control laws and policies.

Guncontrol is one of the most effective strategies that the U.S. can useto reduce the number of crimes and assure the Americans that they aresafe. This is because gun shots account for the highest number ofcrimes comminuted each year in the United States and other developedeconomies. It is estimated that about 6,009 people were killed usinghandguns in the year 2010, which accounted for approximately 67.5 %of all murder cases in the U.S. Trends have also shown that most ofthe gun shot cases are reported in states (such as Tennessee) thathave lenient gun control rules. This implies that the level oflenience of the gun control laws is positively associated with therate of crimes omitted using handguns. Therefore, formulatedeffective gun controls can save the lives of thousands of Americanswho die each year.

Effectivegun control measures can help the countries (such as the U.S.) thathave the highest number of cases of suicide reduce these incidents.Although the debate on the issue of gun control has focused mainly onthe prevention of homicides and violent crimes in the society, recenttrends indicate that guns have become significant tools used bypeople to commit suicide. The U.S. has a suicide rate of 12 out100,000 people where more than half of the people who commit suicideeach ear use hand guns. This indicates that the easy access of gunsin homes increase chances for suicide attempts to succeed. It is alsoestimated that effective gun control can reduce the rate of cases ofsuicide to 2 out of 100,000 since many people believe that a gun canhelp them die without feel pain. Therefore, gun control can helpthousands of Americans with suicidal ideation to live longer andcontinue contributing towards the national development.

Althoughthe opponents of the gun control rules claim that the constitutiongrants people the right to possess guns, it is evident thatuncontrolled possession of guns can lead to their misuse by theminors. About 847 cases of unintentional firearm injuries caused bychildren aged 14 years and below are reported each year in the U.S.In most cases, young children get guns from their home gun cabinetsand shoot their parents or siblings unintentionally. Such incidentsoccur because too much of freedom to own and use gun like any othertool have resulted in recklessness among parents, where they havefailed to perceive the potential risk of keeping guns within thereach of their children. This has gone to an extent where studentscarry their parents’ guns to school. The highest number of suicideand homicides committed by children occur within the school premises,where more than 80 % of the guns used to omit these crimes areobtained from homes. This confirms that the lenience of the guncontrol rules is bringing up a generation that perceives that the useof gun to kill or commit suicide is a normal thing in the society.This trend can only be contained before it gets out of hand byformulated stringent gun control laws.

Armingmembers of the society cannot save lives as the opponents of guncontrol argue. Some people believe that members of the society havethe capacity to prevent violent crimes and save lives before policeofficers arrive. Although such a perception could help a lot, thereis no sufficient evidence that members of the society have managed touse their guns to control crime. The intervention of the members ofthe society occurs in one percent of all cases of mass shootings inspite of the fact that many people have guns. This is becausecriminals find their victims unprepared. The gun control debateshould start focusing more on the benefits of reducing theaccessibility of the gun by the criminal instead of emphasizing thebenefits of arming potential victims of gun shooting. The notion ofarming potential victim has already been proven to be ineffective.

Lenientgun control measures have misdirected resources that would have beenspent in more productive sectors f the U.S. economy. Currently, theU.S. civilians are more armed than Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russiacombined. This is because the U.S. gun ownership and licensing lawsare quite lenient to an extent that anyone can access the gun fromthe shop without an inquiry of the intended purpose of possessing thegun. This has resulted in the misuse of funds as people buy guns evenwhen they do not need them. Ironically, it would be expected that theU.S. should be the safest place in the world given the high percapital investment that is made annually in the purchase of arms. TheU.S. civilians already have too many guns than they should and thedistribution of new guns should be regulated to ensure that peopleown guns only when their intentions are justifiable by responsibleauthorities.

Itis important to emphasize that the rights granted by the constitutionare not absolute, but the constitution can be changed to suit thecurrent environment. The second amendment of the constitution hasbeen misused or misinterpreted because it limits the possession ofguns to authorized militias and was later extended to include selfdefense at homes. The framers of the constitution allowed militias topossess guns because it was necessary to help people protect a nationthat had just come from the war and help it transition to a freestate. However, thing have changed and the U.S. has a large number ofthe law enforcers, which reduces the need the existence of militiasin the first place. Instead of using the guns to develop the conceptof the Free State that the forefathers initiated, the currentgeneration has been using the guns conduct crimes. This suggests thatit is the highest time that the U.S. amended its constitution torestrict the possession of guns since the environment has hangedsignificantly compared to the time when the constitution was beingframed.

Theongoing debate on the issue of gun control is healthy because itmight help the U.S. come up with a viable solution to the problem ofuncontrolled distribution of weapons. Participants of this debateshould consider multiple factors. First, it is important to considerthe cost incurred in taking care of the people who are injured by thegun owners. Secondly, the debate should include the issue of thehuman capital that the country loses each year from homicides andsuicides that are accomplished using guns. Third, participants in thedebate should address the issue of the increase in fear, especiallyin the urban areas following an increase in the number of cases ofviolent crimes. In overall, a combination of these factors willaffect the well being of the society and the national economy, butthis can be preventing through the formulation of stringent guncontrol laws.

Inconclusion, the formulation of stringent gun control laws is one ofthe key strategies that can help the U.S. restore the security of itscitizens. This is because handguns are the most common types ofweapons used to accomplish violent crimes, homicides, and suicide.However, this paper does not argue for the banning of gun ownershipby civilians, but advocates for laws and policies that will ensurethat people are scrutinized properly before they are allowed topossess guns. This will ensure that guns are only left in the handsof responsible citizens, which will minimize their misuse. More over,the fact that the constitution grants Americans the right to own gunsdoes not mean that this type of right is absolute, but it should berevised to ensure that the second amendment is free ofmisinterpretation and abuse.