Why I Want To Become a MoMA Volunteer



Several years ago, I visited MoMA and developed great passion andappreciation for Art. The MoMA visit experience initiated in me agreat desire to travel around the world to great museums such as theTate Modern, The Louvre and Pompidou among others. I have visitedMoMA severally and I feel comfortable and at home in this museum.MoMA museum has interesting things to learn, new exhibits, greatcaptivating paintings and other incredible collections. I am happywhen I watch visitors as they visit different sections of the MoMAcollections and new exhibit units. I believe with my exceptionalprofessional background and the brief world exposure during visits tovarious museums gives me a competitive merit to serve as a volunteerin the Lobby Greeter or at the Information Desk. I have excellentsocial skills, customer oriented skills and enthusiasm that wouldmake my services at MoMA a great asset.

While on my usual visits to MoMA two years ago, I saw the HenriMatisse Cut Outs that amazed me for its outstanding unique features.The exhibit was massive and well made in all dimensions. Matisse’sexhibition covered his life, materials and methods used. I wassurprised that despite difficulties faced by Matisse in his life hewas able to create amazing pieces of work. I have always enjoyedMatisse’s methods and especially his choice of color and contour inhis works. Matisse’s exhibit is indeed amazing pieces of work thatgave me more insightful details about the artist and his journey increativity. Besides Matisse’s exhibit being beautiful, theinstallation was informative and informed me more about his process.Matisse exhibit is one illustration of how great MoMA’s exhibitsare made.

The experience I will get through the volunteering at MoMA will bepriceless. In part, am looking forward to enjoy good teamwork withstaffs, meeting new visitors every day and has plenty of time toexplore other great pieces of arts at MoMA. I feel that volunteeringat MoMA will offer me wide experience in helping people understandthe various pieces of arts at the museum and giving visitors arewarding positive experience. I also feel that I will enrich myexperience in arts, customer service and develop my interpersonalskills.

I hope the volunteering experience will provide me with greatopportunity to grow my passion and appreciation for art. In addition,I feel that the volunteer experience will present me with greatopportunity to share, learn and contribute towards the development ofthe city. I have great interest in meeting and interacting with newpeople and this volunteer experience at MoMA will be a great platformto realize these dreams. Museums are great places where humanity isexplored and I believe being part of the MoMA humanity, I will growas an individual professionally and socially. I am a strong believerthat when one offers services in public institutions, one is offeringdirect services to humanity and thus an opportunity for volunteerwill positively impact on MoMA.