Why I want to become a physician assistant

WhyI want to become a physician assistant

WhyI want to become a physician assistant

Selectinga career out of millions of alternative fields of profession is achallenge to contemporary scholars. The best choice of career shouldbe based on the ultimate objectives that the student wants to achievein life or one’s passion with respect to a given line ofprofession. In my case, the decision to go for a physician assistantcareer is based on passion and career objectives. I had a passion inbiology while in high school and purposed to major in biology incollege. Although it was not yet clear in my mind that I wouldspecifically go for a physician assistant as my future career, mypassion for biology helped me excel and finish my sophomore year witha distinction. This gave me an opportunity to get a summer job whereI worked as a camp leader. My responsibilities as a camp leaderinvolved motivating children to assume new activities. The newresponsibilities challenged me to think about my future career and asettled for a course that would allow me to serve the people in need,especially children.

Itook the first step on my journey toward a Biology degree byattending college at Eastern New Mexico University. While I wasenjoying a visit home during the spring break that year, I learnedthat one of my favorite aunts had suffered a massive stroke. Ourfamily gathered at the bedside of my aunt and I sensed the fear theyfelt and shared their sense of helplessness. I became impatient withour lack of understanding of my aunt’s condition. I becamedetermined and started asking questions about her medical treatmentand prognosis. When the doctors and nurses started to respond to myquestions the answers were soothing to my family and their fearssubsided. We found new hope and promise. My aunt was in the hospitalfor several months and it was during this time that I becameacquainted with her Physician Assistant. Visiting with my aunt’sPhysician Assistant revealed my passion for preventive medicine andpatient education.&nbspIt was in that hospital room, during thismajor family crisis, that I discovered my passion for a career inmedicine as a physician assistant.

Thekey motivating factors

Givingback to the society

Inmy view, physician assistant is among the key fields of professionthat will allow me to give back to my society. Applying my knowledgeon health literacy will allow me to solidify different concepts in mymind, which will increase my ability to serve my community.Currently, there are millions of people suffering from differentdiseases and their well-being depends on the availability ofdedicated and well-trained physician assistants. Many students go fora physician career because it pays better than a physician assistant.In my case I chose to be a physician assistant because it will giveme an opportunity to be in a constant contact with patients insteadof playing administrative roles as physicians do. This will allow medo what I like, which is to help people leading painful lives regaintheir health and the overall well-being.

Achallenging and a more fulfilling career

Althoughphysician assistant is one of the job opportunities considered to belucrative, it is even more preferable because it provides anintellectually challenging environment. A physician assistant workswith experienced and skilled physician professionals who are likeminded towards clients. This will give me an opportunity to expand myknowledge of medicine and the ability to serve patients better.Moreover, physician assistants are able to balance between work andlife in spite of the fact that they are in contact with patients forlonger hours than physicians. This implies that becoming a physicianassistant will allow me to fulfill my professional objectives withoutsacrificing my social life.

Anopportunity to work in a collaborative environment

Inmost cases, the physicians choose to work independently whendelivering services to patients, but a physician assistant alwaysworks in collaboration with physicians. The nature of work will giveme the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with those whoare better educated or trained differently. Being a social person, Iwould prefer working through collaboration to working alone, even ifthis will limit my freedom to make decisions regarding my day-to-dayactivities. This is because I believe in the spirit of sharing andlook forward to a working environment that will facilitate thecontribution of different stakeholders in finding solutions ordelivering the health care services to patients. This means that Iwill be able to offer creative solutions and quality services to myclients with the help those who have been in the field of medicinefor many years.

Desirefor a flexible career

Ivalue flexibility in all aspects of life because I believe supplenessis the basis of creativity and personal development. A physicianassistant is one of the flexible career opportunities that allowpractitioners to switch between different specialties. My interactionwith trained physician assistants has helped me understand thatphysician assistants have the opportunity to work under qualifiedphysicians from all specialties, ranging from surgery to primarycare. This is unlike physicians who are required to deliver specifiedtypes of health care services. For example, a physician assistant isallowed to go from working in obstetrics, internal medicine, andgynecology without the needs to undergo additional training. Bypursuing a course in physician assistant, I will be preparing myselfto serve a larger population of patients suffering from differenttypes of illness, which is in line with my career objective of usingmy knowledge, skills, and experience to serve the diverse populationof patients.

Educationand training

Trainingand education plays a critical role in determining the quality ofservices that the health care professionals deliver to their clients.Students who pursue a course in physician assistant have an advantageover physicians because their training takes about a quarter of thetime that physicians’ training. This means that, by pursuing acourse in physician assistant, I will undergo a two year trainingprogram and start practicing, compared to seven years that physicianstake. However, I do not intend to use a shortcut to get into medicalpractice, but my intent is to take a course that will allow me tocontinue practicing as I pursue higher education. In addition,pursuing a course in physician assistant will give me an opportunityto take a specialty of my interest. Therefore, a course in physicianassistant will serve as a platform for future career development.

Inconclusion, I am motivated by my strong career objectives and apassion to pursue a course that will help me become a physicianassistant. My motivation came from the short time I worked as campleader and the hard experience I went through with my sick aunt. Inessence, my primary objective of pursuing a course that will help mebecome a physician assistant is to acquire the skills I need to servemy community.