Winder City Community Social Work Practice

WinderCity Community Social Work Practice

WinderCity Community Social Work Practice

MaryRule, the City Building Inspector can enforce the building code usingfour major strategies. The plan review is the preliminary strategythat the inspector can use to determine if the property owners havecomplied with the code even before they commence the constructionprocess (Meres, 2012). The inspector should help the property ownersrevise their plans and determine the status of their plans in theregulatory review to ensure that they comply with the code instead ofwaiting for them do their construction and end up being fined $ 200for each day of violation.

Secondly,regular inspection can help Mary Rule determine if the propertyowners are complying with the code even after their plans have beenapproved. This can help constructors in avoiding logisticalnightmares and fines for non-compliance since the inspector willdetect faults before it is too late (Meres, 2012).

Third,compliance through training and education is an effective strategythat can help the inspector in providing support to the builders,design professionals, and tradesmen. This is an alternative strategythat can help the inspector enlightening the builders about theprovisions of the code instead of being forceful (Meres, 2012).Through training and education, the inspector will be able to reasonwith the builders and property owners instead of serving as policingauthority.

Lastly,the inspector should enhance external and internal communication inorder to ensure that both the members of staff working under MaryRule and external stakeholders (including the property owners anddesigners) are kept up-to-date on any changes in the code. Effectivecommunication will ensure that all stakeholders understand what thecode and the inspector expects from them, which will minimizenon-compliance.


Meres,R. (2012). Successfulstrategies for improving compliance with building energy codes.Washington, DC: Building Codes Assistance Project.