Writing Analysis Final Paper

WritingAnalysis: Final Paper

Thelessons I have acquired from this course in the semester havesignificantly been improved my research and writing skills.Specifically, my learning process has improved due to the researchingand writing tasks of the assignments done in this class. In regard tothe writing assignments, the tasks helped me to expound on the courseby using the known to learn the unknown. For instance, in theDisciplinary Literacy assignment about mechanical engineering, I wasable to explore the facts that I did not know on the topic, using theinformation I had. This is what made my research on the topic moreeducational and effective. This specific writing assignment taught mehow to appreciate new information about a new discipline likeengineering.Atthe same time, the research and writing skills gained in the courseopened me up to the world and embrace diverse universe. The CulturalArtifact assignment on the cultural analysis of the ChineseMid-Autumn festival significantly improved my writing skills bygiving me an opportunity to present elements of my own culture.Writingthe Learning Memoir about Chinese parenting further allowed me toreflect on the things I knew about my cultural practices in China,and present them to people in writing. In these tasks, I realizedthat knowing is one thing, while writing about the knowledge isanother. Writing about the Chinese culture and practices gave me theopportunity to put what I knew into reflection and present it throughwriting.Thecourse lessons and the assignments engaged me in reading to analyzeand draw information for decision making. This enlarged my scope ofanalyzing information gathered through research and studies. I wasable to use the study materials and the contents gathered fromresearch to analyze them objectively reflect on it and make decisionsbased on the information. This was the aspect that helped me toresearch and writes the assignment on mechanical engineering, as Iwas writing about something that I did not have full informationabout.Inaddition, the assignments and the lessons for this course improved myresearching skills and introduced new ways of finding information.Among the skills gained is researching in the Michigan Library. Theexperience of the library opened me to new information and taught mehow to explore what I do not know using the simple search functionson the website. I learnt how to choose sources of information basedon their relevance to the topics. Through the use of the Search Plusfunction, I was able to gather as much information as it was relevantto every topic I interested in.Reflectingon the assignments and the course of this semester, I have gainedimportant knowledge to improve my research and writing skills for thefuture. To improve the research skills, I need to consider manysources of information about a subject or a topic. This will givediverse views and content about a topic under research and providenew information about an aspect. To compare different sources, it isimportant to also use different types of sources, such as books,journals, videos and primary sources. This is how I learned properdecision-making skills when writing by deciding on which source touse and which is more reliable than the other.

Thecourse and the writing assignments further improved my communicationskills by enhancing my skills in responding to questions andeffectively present the answers. The research and writing taskshelped me to respond better to inquiries, research the answers andreflect on what I give as responses. As a result, my ability torevise my own writing has improved significantly. At the same time,my presentation skills have improved due to the tasks as I wasrequired to present the assignments in a professional way. This way,my studies have been beneficial because researching and writingskills have totally changed to the better.


Inwriting the paper above, I was more reflective on the assignmentsthat I had done before in the course this semester. I took time toread and reflect on the assignments that I wrote in order to getinsights about the course and the things I have learned. Ispecifically focused on the experiences that I had when writing theassignments and my abilities in researching the contents. Byrereading the assignments, I was able to get honest reflections aboutthem and determine the changes in my research and writing skills as aresult of the course and the learning projects.

Inwriting this paper, I also made honest considerations about thelessons that I learnt through the learning projects in the course.The considerations opened me up to the real changes that I haverealized in my research and writing skills from the semester,especially due to the assignments. In addition, writing this paperhelped me to appreciate the learning projects as I reread them overagain. The writing of this paper also involved honest reflection onthe process of using the university library to search materials andsources. In conclusion, all the lessons learnt in this class, duringthe writing assignments and the researching tasks were well reflectedon the paper.