XYZ Major XYZ Major



Knowledgeand skills gained from a given course are used in different waysthese ways help people in solving different problems that arerelated. This paper will discuss the advantages that a student whomajored in the XYZ may have in the professional world. These are theskills that are learned within the period offered in the XYZ, whichis a business administration. The paper will also highlight theskills and knowledge that the majors provide a unique basis. Amongthe course, that one may major in the XYZ are X, which is:accounting, Y finance and Z that is human resource management.

XYZmajoring provides students with vast business knowledge whereinterpersonal skills are given to the management of a business. Withsuch skills, it becomes relatively easy be able to fit into theprofessional world. The study of XYZ major helps in the process ofdeveloping own skills and competencies. The X major is an importantvenue where a student gains the knowledge of making strategic plansfor personal career development. Accounting forms the most basicframework of business that helps in preparing students for the realworld. In the business and corporate world, accounting is onediscipline of study that all persons and organizations should have.Accounting concept and skills can be applied in all job specialtiesdue to the need of dealing with finances. Such students would alsouse the skills gained in majoring in the X major through acquiring anunderstanding that would help in making informed and guidedinvestment decisions

TheY major that is this case is the major finance acts as a major doorthat helps students in the professional field. The major providesstudents and graduates with a chance to work in different careerssuch as financial analysts, personal financial advisors, andfinancial managers. The Y option also provides an incredibleversatility to persons who major in it. This means an individual canwork in a company that they like. Finance major has a heightenedunderstanding of how the world’s commercial markets work. Thisallows one to monitor better the economy and also know how theactions of individuals affect the actions of large companies makingsuch persons be prepared with the relevant skills needed out there.Financial management skills are also gained in the majoring in the Ywhere people shall be able to manage the finances they have andhence make them be productive (Kocherlakota,2010).

Fromthe 20thcentury, many organizations started to consider its members of staffas the most valued assets as they determined and also gave value tothe organization. One way to ensure that employees are treated in themost appropriate manner was through establishing the human resourcecourse together with a department in every organization. With theknowledge gained from studying human resource individuals get theskills in manpower planning. Such skills ensure that during arecruitment exercise only the right persons are hired for differentjob description and also compensated effectively. It is also throughthe human resource that an organizational culture is created bycreating a conducive working environment. Skills learned in thecourse provide the skills needed in conflict management amongemployees and other related responsibilities. Employees need to feelpart of the organization. The human resource department is theclosest to the members of staff this makes it be the center of theorganization hence opening a better career for them.


Kocherlakota,N. R. (2010). Thenew dynamic public finance.Princeton: Princeton University Press.